Lucy Winn

Challenging the manufacturing process rather than the outcome is where Lucy focuses her design. She is particularly fascinated by tradition but defies the sentimentality of keeping it precious and sacred. Through experiment and manipulation, she aims to explore new ways of using these skills.

Lucy graduated from the Cass School of Art and Design in 2016 and have since established a career as a Designer at the Royal Air Force Museum as well as focusing on independent work in a collaborative studio based in Archway, London.

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London Design Festival 2019


Inspired by the current revival of the Arts and Crafts movement, Roots explores, through the medium of needlework, how craft can and must evolve in order to survive.

Using skills passed down from the generations before her, Lucy defies the sentimentality and preciousness of tradition by breaking it apart and revealing the imperfections behind the carefully crafted outer layer.

While holding onto her roots, which can be seen through the interpretation of traditional Welsh print, this collection extracts from the past and challenges how traditional can be reimagined.