Matteo Pacella

Matteo’s work aims to understand the surrounding, whose stability and equilibrium are explained in the mutual relations between forces and form, matter and surfaces, proportions and growth or, precisely, in their balances. 

He lives and works in London.

Matteo’s website

London Design Festival 2019

Shelf Portrait

Inspired by the work of renaissance masters, Matteo explores the analogy between cornice and facial profile, setting his own proportion in plaster moulding.

Shelf portrait is a project based on the theory of profiles initiated by Francesco di Giorgio (15th century) in the ‘Saluzziano Code’. The study suggests a superimposition of a cornice over a man’s head: the gola corresponds to the crown of the head, the corona or gocciolatoio fits the forehead, the echino is situated over the nose, the scotia sits between the nose and mouth and the cimatio ends up at the chin.

Man in Shelf Portrait, like Di Giorgio, is both example and the rule, a microcosm of the conditions creating perfection in this world.