Julian Leedham

Through philosophy, imagination and inspiration an idea manifests, evolving in the mind, eventually pen hits paper and lines emerge. In time paper gives way to digital, creating 3D forms and plans for manufacture. Hand and machine create something from nothing, which then embarks into the world. Observed it becomes a memory and the cycle repeats itself anew.

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London Design Festival 2019


‘How would I make a tree?’. This question gave rise to PINN. Its form and functionality a result of observing and contemplating the design of a tree. With its cylindrical trunk and numerous leaves, PINN brings the idea of ‘organic creation’ into the home by allowing the user to propagate and cultivate a variety of plants, herbs and vegetables. 

Once nurtured they can be moved indoors, potted and displayed upon HOOP, a unit designed to house an array of plants or MESH, a smaller entity designed to support plant growth.

Eventually what was propagated can propagate once again in an endless circle of Growth and Form.

Glass work designed by Julian Leedham made by Emma Baker.