What is Varioustudios?

At its core Various Studios is about collaboration, not just between designers and makers, studios and individuals but between manufactures and consumers, investors and researchers and everyone in-between.

Various Studios started is as its name describes is a collection of various studios’, mostly individuals looking to embark down various careers paths, who saw the potential in working together, sharing knowledge and most importantly a studio.

Once you have a studio, you need to pay the rent, which means creating and selling something, a product. No matter what that product is, it’s incredibly likely that you’ll need suppliers, manufactures, materials, logistics and much, much more.

No matter what product you’re creating, collaborating with others is a great way to make a project come to life. Various Studios aims to facilitate this through a joint venture with King’s College London, which aims to map like minded entities, creating a network which embodies collaboration, sustainability and circular design principles.

To find out more about this project simply get in touch at hello@varioustudios.com

Thanks in advance. Varioustudios.