The Various Network

We want to create a network of people who are interested in sustainability, the circular economy and all things related. We understand that the various issues and ideas surrounding the circular economy system have evolved over the years, so we are not tied to the concept of the circular economy. This network is about creating an open space for discussion, and connecting various people, places, and sources of information scattered not just through the UK or Europe, but across the world. It’s about establishing connections between anyone and everyone that chooses to work towards more ethical goals. We hope this network will facilitate collaborations between members in the future.

Perhaps you’re a designer in search for more sustainable materials, or a manufacturer looking for a material scientist. Maybe you’re launching a new business and looking for guidance and insight in regards to becoming more environmentally aware. To make sure our network activities are relevant and useful for you, it would be great if you could fill out our short (10 minute) survey. Thank you!

At the moment, we have a page of resources which you can use and add to. These resources are aimed at helping people learn about sustainability and the circular economy and identify sources of information, products, services and other opportunities to support their own work. They are also captured on a map. We are currently developing more ways for members of the network to communicate with each other. For now, keep an eye out for our events (currently online) – we share these through our newsletter.