Map (beta)


Well, the idea behind it is simple. It’s a place where anyone interested in sustainability, circular economy and all things related can find other individuals, studios, institutions and organisations that share the same views.

Yet at the same time it’s not about these things! We’re not circular economy pioneers caught up in using contemporary jargon, we understand that the issues within the circular economy system aren’t new but have been fought by many others through the years. Therefore, this network is about connecting the various dots, scattered not just through the UK or Europe but across the world. It’s about establishing connections between anyone and everyone that chooses to work towards more ethical goals.

Perhaps you’re a designer in search for more sustainable materials, or a manufacturer looking for a material scientist. Perhaps your launching a new business and looking for guidance and insight in regards to becoming more environmentally aware. Whatever the case we hope the network is useful.

So how does it work?

We’ll primarily it’s a reference tool that you can use to find other sustainable/circular/environmental entities. Currently this is done through the use of an online tool called ‘Padlet’, which is basically an open source online spreadsheet. Anyone can add to it and anyone can search through it.

All the information gathered on it is in the public domain and no private information should be posted on it (should we spot it we will remove it!).

The thinking behind this idea is that, for those interested in this way of working, can potentially add themselves (and those they know) to padlet affording someone else the opportunity to learn about their work, products or services and hopefully new collaborations will emerge.

As the information is all within the public domain we can’t vouch for who is added or how sustainable/circular they might be, we can’t even recommend that you contact them, that is completely up to you but hopefully new connections will be made and this undertaking will prove useful.


If you wish to contribute to our map, we are currently using ‘Padlet’ to collect data entries. Once added we will then update them into the map, we try to do this as often as we can but that’s normally not as often as we would like.

As padlet is quite easy to use, it will run along side our map, providing a different way to search and find what your looking for.

Made with Padlet

Searching through Padlet is quite easy, simply swipe left and right to explore the columns and scroll up and down, within a column, to see what’s been posted within it.

If you want to contribute simply hit the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of each column to post a new entry in that column. If you need further guidance on how to do this, it can be found in the first column.

If the padlet embed isn’t working for you please click on it or the below link to go straight to the source.

What’s next?

Padlet, the map and this project are still in its very early days, currently we can see how to make this platform into something more. Yet it’s development is very much dependent on whether it’s actually a useful tool. So we’d like to hear from you, please tell us your thoughts via the comments section in Padlet, email us at or if you have a spare 10 minutes please fill out our survey as this would be super helpful.

Thanks Varioustudios.