The aim of this Materials Library is to identify what sustainable materials are local and/or available to use! You may be looking for a particular material but would prefer to use surplus instead of new stock, or perhaps you have a project and are seeking inspiration and insight into other working practices or alternative products. Generally the information provided in this library has been provided through the experience and knowledge of it various users. 

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DescriptionWood is a porous and fibrous structural tussue found primairily in the stems and roots of trees. It has beenused for thousands of years for fuel, within the construction industry, for making tools, weapons, furniture and paper. Through the use of various tooling, equipment and processes wood can be milled, formed, shaped, stained in numerous ways.
PropertiesWood for the most part is yielded by trees, which increase in diameter as they grow. Durability, strength, coulouring, density and many other characteristics are all determined by species, the conditions that the tree is grown under and how long it has had to grow. Generally defined as softwood or hardwood this terminology can be confusing as hardwoods are not necessarily hard or softwoods soft.
SustainabilityIf managed correctly forests are an exceltant and highly sustainable source of wood. Yet we consume then at a rate which simply isnt sustainable. Aside from the detremental effects to nature and wildlife trees act our planets lungs without them pollution levels would rise dramatically; creating an unlivable world.