The aim of this Materials Library is to identify what sustainable materials are local and/or available to use! You may be looking for a particular material but would prefer to use surplus instead of new stock, or perhaps you have a project and are seeking inspiration and insight into other working practices or alternative products. Generally the information provided in this library has been provided through the experience and knowledge of it various users. 

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DescriptionThe unique properties of cork are the result of its chemistry and three-dimensional closed cell structure. It come from the barkof the evergreen cork oak (Quercus suber), which grows across the western mediterranean and North Africa. It is harvested from the trunk approximately every ten years, which is the time it takes for the bark to regrow.
PropertiesImpervious to water and gases. Good insulator. Resists spreading laterally when pressed.
SustainabilityLow embodied energy. Renewable and available from certified forests.