The aim of this Materials Library is to identify what sustainable materials are local and/or available to use! You may be looking for a particular material but would prefer to use surplus instead of new stock, or perhaps you have a project and are seeking inspiration and insight into other working practices or alternative products. Generally the information provided in this library has been provided through the experience and knowledge of it various users. 

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DescriptionPaper is an age-old material now produced on a huge scale at terrific speed. It has been utilized for thousands of years and its versatility ensures that its remains the material of choice for many applications. on its own it can be quite delicate, a quality used in packaging and lightweights structures. or it can be formed into strong dense board.
PropertiesConsistency depends on production method. Smooth to coarse. Low tear strength.
SustainabilityRaw materials may be sourced from certified forests. Chemicals and water consumed in production. Widely collected and recycled.